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Inside view of a dog kennel and two black Labrador retriever puppies

Open Daily

Dog Kennel: (920) 358-7884
Cell: (920) 378-0103

Drop-off and Pick-up Hours

Mon. 8AM - 10AM 4PM - 6:30PM
Tues. 8AM - 10AM 4PM - 6:30PM
Wed. 8AM - 10AM 4PM - 6:30PM
Thur. 8AM - 10AM 4PM - 6:30PM
Fri. 8AM - 10AM 4PM - 6:30PM
Sat. 8AM - 11AM  
Sun.   3PM - 6:00PM

Dog Training


Brooke Veldt

Canine Evolution is founded on the belief that every dog deserves a calm state of mind and a more enjoyable, laid-back life. To help your dog achieve this mindset we offer both a board and train program and one-on-one lessons. Throughout the board and train program your dog would stay at MeadowView Kennels and we would incorporate the training throughout their usual stay. The one-on-one lessons would be in your home. To figure out what program would be best for you and your dog we offer FREE consultations! Schedule yours today!

Dog Kennel and Dog Boarding

MeadowView Kennels is located between Appleton and Black Creek, Wisconsin and sits on 40 acres of land. To ensure fresh air and exercise, dogs are let out into our fenced area 4 to 5 times per day. You may also request we take your dog for a walk to explore the lanes and woods, for an additional fee.

Our dog kennel features lots of windows for natural light and state-of-the-art glass and stainless-steel kennel runs, of various sizes. These are the most sanitary runs available. We also have roomy suites for the pampered dogs. Our dog kennel is small enough to ensure individual attention to each dog and large enough to offer the pet boarding services you expect.

Why Choose MeadowView

We know how difficult a decision it is to kennel your dog. We've been there. Who can you trust? "Loving Care When You're Not There" is not just our tag line, it's Greg's personal pledge to you. We provide the love and attention your pet needs to be happy and healthy during their dog boarding stay. Give MeadowView Kennels a try and your pet will look forward to coming back again and again.

Black Lab Puppies

Looking for a hunting dog or new member of the family? We have Black Lab Puppies for sale. AKC and with excellent pedigrees. Ask for availability of puppies.

Our Pet Boarding Facility

Dog Boarding & Dog Kennel Services at MeadowView Kennels

MeadowView Kennels

Contact Us

Address: W5037 Rock Rd, Appleton, WI
Phone Number: (920) 358-7884
Cell Number: (920) 378-0103
Black Lab Puppies Available at MeadowView Dog Kennel


What should I bring?

You can bring your dog's favorite toy, blanket, or bed. You should make sure your dog has a collar and leash.

What will my dog eat?

You should bring the proper amount of the food your dog eats on a daily basis for the length of stay with our dog boarding facility. In the event your food runs out, I will provide food. Remember, a drastic change of diet can cause digestive issues and/or a lack of appetite.

Health Requirements?

Your pet should be up to date with rabies, vaccinated for bordetella, and have the DHPP vaccination. Your pet should also be on a flea preventative. Please provide a printed summary of treatment from your vet.

If your dog is on any medications, they will be administered as per veterinary instructions at an additional small fee.